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Globetrotter Scratch Off World Map


Plan your next trip with our interactive map!
Displaying 210 countries  of the world, terrain data, and state outlines for Australia, Canada and the USA.

This makes a excellent gift for the traveler in your life. Remind them of their stories as you share special travel moments and memories. It will be a cherished item on their wall!

What's make this maptastic

  • Original and detailed design - Created by a team of cartography experts. Clean typography,classic matte black background, bold colors, island outlines and flags.
  • Scratch off material - Gold top foil area, comparable to that of scratch ticket, with vivacious colors underneath.
  • Track your adventures in America - Each state is outlined so you can show where you've been.
  • Bold colors that POP - Make your travels stand out. Bold colors highlight your travels and each bordering country has a different color.

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